Tiffany Dahlberg on the Radio

Tiffany Dahlberg

Tiffany Dahlberg

Listen now as Tiffany Dahlberg, President of Ready2ACT is interviewed on the radio by Today’s Woman Broadcast Network to discuss the secrets and best practices of effectively managing and getting the most out of your critical projects.

Tiffany Dahlberg is founder and president of Ready2ACT, a leader in customized training and facilitation services to help companies improve their success for critical projects, facilitation and leadership.

In this radio interview, Tiffany discusses:

  • The tools and techniques to improve not only your job skills, but also your personal effectiveness.
  • How Project Management is part “art and science” and how you can leverage both of these to get the results you are looking for.
  • How to “Communicate Up” the chain to ensure your results are positively received and acted on by others in senior leadership
  • How to “speed read” your project team members in order to be an effective leader and get the results you need.

Tiffany also discusses the ground-breaking “Six-Thinking Hats” concepts by Edward de Bono and how this technique can improve your project success and leadership effectiveness.

Listen now ~

1. Introduction

2. Effective Communication

3. The Six Thinking Hats

4. The Six Thinking Hats (Continued)