July 2016

As we celebrate Independence Day, I reflect that “independence” means having the freedom to make choices: Choices about the job you work, your relationships, how you carry yourself, your attitude, how you nurture your body, mind, and soul.


Think about your past, present, and future choices. Are you choosing servitude or freedom with your decisions? As a teenager, I observed how my mother’s and father’s career choices were limited by their high school education. Determined to have more options, I worked two full-time jobs for the first year after high school graduation to earn enough money to pay for my first semester at a local, traditional college. While attending classes all day, I continued to work full-time to pay for my bachelor’s degree. This choice to get a higher education didn’t guarantee success, but it did teach me critical thinking skills, demonstrated the perseverance and commitment to get a four-year degree, and opened doors that might otherwise be closed.


To open doors, open your mind! And you’ll see limitless possibilities, gain freedom of control, and experience ultimate independence. For over 200 years, our nation has done the heavy lifting to maintain its independence, so American citizens have freedom of choice. It’s our responsibility to celebrate our independence every day!
(reprinted from July 4, 2008)