May 2016

What I learned from Siri

“What is the most hated word in your GPS?” she asked.  “RECALCULATE!” we all shouted. And that started our journey that the Australian Siri took us on during the Colorado National Speakers’ Association year end celebration on May 6.  Karen Jacobsen, the voice of Siri on 300 million smartphones and over 100 million GPS devices worldwide, shared five directions to recalculate your life’s inter GPS:

  • Notice that you are “off route”

Why did we all have the same answer to the most hated GPS word – “recalculate”?  Because being told that we are going the wrong way is jarring, especially when we are trying so hard to follow the directions.  It seems that life has these rules to follow – rules set by societies, families, and organizations, and when we are “off course” then people are quick to tell us.  Other times, we may be succeeding at staying in our lane but know that our hearts want a different route.  How do you notice if you are “off route”?

  • Be willing to change direction

Even if we do notice that we are “off route”, I know I’ve been stubborn at times refusing to change direction – confident that I’m going the “right” way.  Sometimes, being persistent in pursuing your goals helps you overcome obstacles and achieve your objectives; and other times, you are simply lost and driving yourself further away from your destination. How willing are you to change direction if needed?

  • Clarify your destination

Is where you wanted to go still relevant to you?  Has anything changed?  We set goals for specific reasons. Sometimes we lose sight of those original intentions.
Examine your reasoning: Is it still true?  What if it wasn’t true?  What would be possible if you were willing to change direction?  Where could you go?  Who could you be?

My Vistage group recommended that I examine my “why” before changing my business model – sound advice before I clarify my destination. How will you clarify your destination?

  • Embrace the steering wheel

Once you have clarified your destination, hold on tight!  Embrace what you need to do to get there, which may mean being uncomfortable.  There will be distractions, detours, and obstacles along the way. Stay focused and steer your course. Don’t let anyone else drive!  You are the driver of your life.

  • Accelerate!

When you know where you are going and why, then put actions in place to get there – think about what you need as an accelerant: training, coaching, resources. Tell people about your destination.  Ask for help.  You’ll be surprised how many people want to go on your road trip and help you get there.  Accelerate and enjoy the ride!

Our GPS can’t tell us where to go without a destination.  Where do you want to go?

I’d love to hear about your destination! Please Contact me and share your journey with me, so I can support you and help you accelerate.