More Testimonials

“The training is already generating value, especially with our more junior staff. Simple concepts like SMART goals and our discussion regarding the importance of defining “roles and responsibilities” are already bearing fruit. We still have some hard work ahead of us, but it’s encouraging to see positive results from the first training session almost immediately.”

– David Mohrbacher, EORI

“I am always impressed by others who are dedicated to excellence. Excellence would certainly best describe Tiffany and her ability to teach others the philosophies of program/project management. I found her depth of real world experience, along with her expertise in the subject matter to be very effective. I would highly recommend Tiffany to any company who would be interested in utilizing her skills to perform on sight training in this field, or as an expert consultant to assist them in leading a team to the identification of a problem within their company our even provide techniques to reach the same conclusion.”

– Lorel Ferrin, CenturyLink

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tiffany on a number of customized Project Management training programs with a variety of clients and she has delivered stellar value on every engagement. Clients walk away with an implementable project management plan and receive hands’ on instruction on every phase of the PMBOK. From 1-day Project Management overview classes to full PMP prep workshops, Tiffany provides accessible, effective instruction and consulting on this critical topic, which translates into immediate bottom line results.”

– Ashley Andrus

“I have had the great privilege of working with and being educated by, Tiffany over the past two years. She has facilitated many very important meetings for Newmont and has always delivered an outstanding product. She brought a new dimension and some unique perspectives in how projects are planned and managed from the beginning. I also recently took her Comprehensive Project Management Course and I was extremely happy with the content and its pragmatism as well as its tangibility. Tiffany took the complexity of Project Management and simplified it greatly by providing a real and useful toolbox for project managers. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend her services and courses.”

– Kirk Jones

“ I just wanted to let you know that I put the knowledge you gave me from the class you taught and applied to the      CAPM.”

– Melissa Ochsner, Sr. Generation Support Analyst, Tri-State G&T



“Loved the course! Instructor made difficult topics fun. I learned a lot!”

– Julie,  Boulder OSMP

“Good ideas to consistently define requirements across many different functional areas” “Tiffany was very entertaining and enthusiastic. It was easy to stay engaged” “Great class overall, lots of energy, kept everyone engaged” “Very good training, I found a number of tools to help me with projects”

Advanced Energy Industries, Business Analysis Essentials Attendees

“Tiffany did a great job of keeping pace, giving great examples, working through projects, and answering questions.” “The best part of the class was the presenter. Tiffany is outstanding and has a complete understanding of teaching Project Management. She was very helpful.” “Enjoyed learning from Tiffany. She pulled the content together well. She adapted well to many different ability levels.”

Participants from Project Management Masters’ Certification Program

“Course material (workbook) was laid out well. Tiffany presented the content in a energetic way and the constant breakout sessions were engaging and allowed to get others views on topics.”

Bradley, Boulder OSMP

“I’d like to thank you again for your support at the IPS (Integrated Planning Session). I’m very happy with the definitive product we achieved as a team, and I’ve already received positive feedback today.”

Todd Anderson, Newmont Mining

“Your class helped to break down the complexity and make it seem less overwhelming. Your class helped increase my confidence in taking the PMP test. Thanks for showing me that it will be worth my effort to get my PMP and that I can accomplish it with additional studying. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping in my journey of trying to regain my professional life back!”

Barb Lobermeier

“I’m glad to tell you that I passed the PMP exam today. It is certainly no exaggeration that it is a very challenging test.
Four hours of tough questions is brutal. I can’t really offer any advice beyond “listen to Tiffany.” She was spot on with her advice. Make sure you review the PMBOK and Rita in tandem. One week is not enough time to cover the huge amount of material, and there were many questions that required that you read the PMBOK.”

Mike Jefferies, Chief Information Officer at Boulder Community Health

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam this morning! Whew! It was really hard…even after all the studying I did. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to do it without your class. You really helped me a lot – so Thank You!”

Deb Hendrickson

“I’m actually managing the engineering effort on the LARGEST project our company has at the moment – a large refrigeration gas plant to be built in ND. Very excited to have come so far and I use most of the tools I learned in the PM class. Thanks again!”

Chris Olson, Ross Engineering


“I recently attended a Business Analysis Fundamentals class taught by Tiffany. She was an excellent instructor! It was quite clear that she not only knew the material but had real-life experiences to draw from. She was able to give many examples of ways to do things – and not do things – based on her experience! She was also very engaging and kept the pace at a great tempo for adult learners! No one was falling asleep!!!”

Lori Lister

“Interactive exercise. Especially the last day activity to pull it all together. Very hands on class.”

Jarrett, Boulder OSMP